Electric Steam Generators or Boilers are compact devices which uses Electric Heaters to produce Steam in an Enclosed chamber. These chambers are usually fitted with Level Sensors to maintain water level, Pressure sensors to control Steam and Safety valves to protect Overpressure in Vessel. Read More

Technical Specifications

Model SG-9 SG-18 SG-27
Steam Generation 12 kg/hr 24kg/hr 35kg/hr
No. of heaters 3x3kw 3x6kw 3x9w
Pump Motor 370 Watts 370 Watts 550W
Overall Dimension (DxWxH) 24"x20"x30" 24"x24"x38" 24"x24"x38"
Steam pressure 70 - 80psi   (5bar) 70 - 80psi   (5bar) 70 - 80psi   (5bar)

Standard Features

  • Excellent steam quality.
  • High reliability.
  • Long working life.
  • Compact design for space saving.
  • Electronic water level control provides continuous operation.
  • Automatic water feeding for dry run protection.
  • Pressure safety valve to ensure safe operation.